Hit The Trail With the Best Hiking Backpack

Hit The Trail With the Best Hiking Backpack

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How far can you backpack in a day?

Depending on terrain, 3–10 miles per day is typical. That's a wide range. Your ability, fitness level, and the type of terrain you're covering, as well as how much weight you're carrying, all influence how far you can go. Some experienced hikers travel light and cover 15–20 miles per day.

I'm new to backpacking. Should I camp on my first trip?

When you start any new physical activity, it's best to start easy and see how it goes. If you've camped before and want to stay out overnight on a backpacking trip, then go for it. If the great outdoors is new to you, then it's suggested that you take some day hiking trips to get yourself used to hiking before you take on camping. It's probably not a good idea to start with a week-long backpacking trip when you haven't even been on a trail for a few days.

What type of hiking backpack makes a good bug-out bag?

You'll want at least a mid-sized bag for bugging out if you plan on camping for an extended length of time. For bugging out in a car, a good day pack could meet your needs.

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