The Best Survival Water Filters of 2022

The Best Survival Water Filters of 2022


Do I really need a water filter?

Absolutely. Water is your first line of survival. Without water, you won’t last long. You can go up to three days without water and weeks without food. I always recommend that people who are just starting to prep address their water needs first. Even the most pristine mountain stream with no dwellings within miles can harbor bacteria such as giardia. During difficult times, more people may start using waterways for sanitary needs or there may be more runoff that leads to more contamination than usual. Bad water used to kill a lot of people. My own great-great-grandfather died of typhoid in the late 1930s. Drinking contaminated water can, at the very least, make you sick enough to be too weak or dehydrated to make it out of a remote location.

Can’t I just boil water?

Sure, you can boil water, but it takes resources and time. If you’re boiling water, you may end up drinking a lot of warm water because when you’re thirsty, it can be hard to wait until the water cools off. Boiling water for 5 minutes can effectively sterilize it, but it won’t remove heavy metals, industrial pollutants, or debris.

Why do some water filters cost so much more than others?

The variation in cost is not necessarily because some filter more water than others. The materials used and the brand name are significant factors. For example, a Swiss-made Katadyn Pocket is nearly $400, while a similar filter made in China may be well under $100. It’s a good idea to buy from a well-known company because you can get great name brand filters starting at $20. Water filters also vary in what they can filter. For example, viruses are more likely to be a problem in highly populated areas. Some filters will eliminate viruses while others will not. Always check product descriptions to make sure you know what a filter will do before you purchase it.

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