top shooting gloves for range day

top shooting gloves for range day


Should I always wear gloves when shooting?

Most people do not always wear gloves when shooting a firearm. Gloves do have an effect on how the gun feels in your hand that some people do not like. Gloves are recommended when shooting guns for a long period of time or if you are shooting larger guns, especially handguns. You should practice shooting with and without gloves so that you can operate your firearm well under a variety of circumstances.

What are the advantages of fingerless gloves?

Some shooters choose fingerless gloves because they can help improve feel and dexterity. Fingerless gloves are also sometimes favored by those that smoke or want to use a touchscreen whenever they want. A lot of gloves are touchscreen compatible even if they are not fingerless.

How often should I replace my gloves?

Unlike some tactical gear, there is no expiration date or major reason to replace gloves until they start to abrade a lot or get holes in them. If your weight changes dramatically you may need to get a different size. Gloves with a lot of extra pads to protect against abrasions will last longer than thinner gloves but they impact dexterity and feeling.

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