The Best Tactical Knife For EDC and Survival

The Best Tactical Knife For EDC and Survival

Check your local knife laws.

Some areas have laws regarding how long a knife blade you can legally carry. It is up to you to check the rules in your area.


Should I carry a fixed-blade or folding tactical knife?

Folding tactical knives are more popular for daily carry because they can be easily clipped in a pocket. Fixed-blade tactical knives are typically used for camping, bushcraft, combat, and survival situations. Many people buy at least one of each, so they have a range of blades for various situations. If you have to choose just one, get a folder first.

What type of steel should I look for?

If you want a knife that requires little maintenance, stainless steel or high-carbon stainless steel will serve you well. Carbon steel knives require attention to avoid rust and pitting. Those living near salt water should stick to stainless steel knives. Stainless is harder to sharpen, so be sure to buy a good set of diamond sharpening stones or rods so you can maintain a good edge.

I bought a knife 20 years ago and purchased another knife from the same company this year and they are very different. Why is that?

Although some knife companies have stood the test of time, many have changed where their products are manufactured and, in some cases, the materials that are used. Globalism and growing demand for some products have led some companies to outsource at least some of their production to other countries. That's why there's a big price difference between some of the knives offered by companies like Gerber and Cold Steel. You shouldn’t assume that the quality is worse. Instead, read some reviews from trusted sources and make an informed purchasing decision.

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