Our Mission

Prepare Today Survive Tomorrow

At Ready To Go Survival, our mission is to arm you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to safeguard your family in the most challenging and dangerous situations imaginable.

The Team

Roman Zrazhevskiy

Founder And CEO

Former EMT and lifelong outdoorsman, Roman has helped thousands learn about survival and the importance of being prepared. He has been featured in the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal and has appeared on HBO, FOX News, and the BBC for his involvement in founding two leading companies in the emergency preparedness space: MIRA Safety & Ready To Go Survival. In his spare time, Roman enjoys shooting, sports, riding his motorcycle, and hiking wherever his travels take him, including Mount Fuji.

Samantha Biggers

Content Manager

Samantha is the managing editor of Ready To Go Survival. As the former editor-in-chief at Backdoor Survival, her articles have appeared in leading homesteading publications such as Backhome, GRIT, Backwoods Home, and Countryside. Raised by her Vietnam veteran father, she learned a lot from an early age about survival and the importance of being aware and prepared. She lives at 3,000 feet on a mountain in North Carolina with her husband Matt in a house they built by hand. They have sheep, chickens, dogs, cats, and many garden

Armin Gonzalez

Creative Director

Armin is the creative director of Ready To Go Survival and owns several brands in the eCommerce industry. As an experiment, he hopped on a one-way flight to New York City during the height of the pandemic with no back-up and quickly learned the importance of preparedness in everyday life (and the danger of it not being taught in schools). Outside of making an impact as an entrepreneur, Armin enjoys causing noise complaints with his music, biking across the city at night, and sipping endless espressos on film sets.

David Yellin

Survival Consultant

David is a law enforcement officer based in San Diego, an avid prepper, and a former EMT. His survival instincts kicked in when he realized how slow first responders are and the importance of having the skills to handle situations yourself.

Madison Hampton

Survival Consultant

Madison is a former firefighter/EMT and Army National Guard medic. Being an avid camper and backpacker, he began to prepare after seeing first-hand the devastation of wildfires that lead to the breakdown of the supply chain or a loss of power for weeks. Madison teaches CPR, AED, and first aid as well as firearms tactics and tactical first-aid for Safehouse Training Solutions.

Clayton Heim

Survival Consultant

Clayton is an Army infantry officer with nearly 13 years of continuous military service. He spent one year deployed to Iraq as an infantry platoon leader, where he was awarded a Bronze Star. Aside from tactical training, shooting, and practicing emergency preparedness at every conceivable level, Clayton enjoys hiking, camping, and spending time with his family.