12 Booby Traps For SHTF

12 Booby Traps For SHTF


Can I get in trouble for setting booby traps?

Yes! Booby traps that are designed to inflict serious injury can mean that you are held liable. Setting a trap implies that you planned to harm others in advance. During a major SHTF or life threatening situation, this might not be a concern but during regular times, you need to strongly consider if a booby trap is necessary.

Booby traps that just set off alarms and make noise will not get you into trouble. These are perfectly ok to use at all times if you want.

Setting booby traps on other people’s property is an act of trespassing and vandalism and should not be done under most circumstances.

How long should I leave a booby trap set up?

There is no easy answer for that. It is important that you don’t just forget where traps are or leave them set and never go back. Some aspects of traps can deteriorate or fail entirely after a time period. You need to occasionally check booby traps if you intend on them staying up for long term security during a SHTF moment.

Should I try to invent my own booby traps?

Of course you could but you need to ask yourself if that is a good idea. Designing a trap that uses noise is not really that dangerous, especially if you use some ear protection. Designing a trap with more dangerous elements is another story. Accidents happen. There are plenty of good designs that have been tested out a long time ago.

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