Valley Food Storage 175 Serving Long Term Food Kit Review

Valley Food Storage 175 Serving Long Term Food Kit Review


Is Valley Food Storage emergency foods freeze dried or dehydrated?

The food offered is a combination of both freeze dried and dehydrated unless otherwise indicated. Freeze dried options usually cost more. Check product descriptions before purchasing.

Does Valley Food Storage offer discounts?

Valley Food Storage frequently offers coupons for 10% off a first purchase however they also have sales around popular holidays. Signing up for their email list will ensure that you are informed of any current discounts.

What is the maximum shelf life?

Valley states that all their food has a minimum 25 year shelf life if kept dry and unopened.

How should I store my emergency food from Valley?

Store food out of direct sunlight in a temperature controlled room when possible. Buckets or storage totes should be used to store pouches to prevent punctures and any damage from rodents.

Are products packaged and processed on shared equipment?

Yes. Valley Food Storage products are not recommended for people that have very sensitive food allergies. Milk, soy, wheat, eggs, shellfish, fish, and nuts are all processed using the same equipment.

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