The Best Full Face Respirator For the Prepared

The Best Full Face Respirator For the Prepared


  • Offers the highest level of coverage and protection
  • Protects your eyes
  • Designed for the worst threats, including nuclear and biological warfare
  • Usually works with a wide variety of filters


  • Not comfortable for those who are even slightly claustrophobic
  • Some can’t be worn with glasses
  • Fogging can be an issue
  • Eating and drinking are difficult unless the mask has a drinking system, like the MIRA line.
  • Looks hardcore and tactical: You’ll stand out wearing a full-face respirator.
  • It can be difficult to get a good seal if you have any facial hair.



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CM-3M Child Escape Respirator



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CBRN stands for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear.

If an item is identified as CBRN, it is designed to protect against a wide range of harmful agents.


Can you have facial hair and wear a full-face respirator?

It is possible to have some facial hair and safely wear a full-face respirator. For example, a mustache or even a small goatee might be ok, but a full beard with hair where the respirator seals around your face is not. In industries where full-face respirators are required daily, many employers require men to be clean shaven to minimize the risk of not getting a good seal.

Are full-face respirators comfortable for long-term wear?

Over time, you can get used to wearing a full-face respirator for extended periods. How comfortable your respirator is depends on several factors. Having the right size respirator, cartridges that are not overly clogged, and a respirator that allows for drinking water can all significantly improve your comfort level.

Can you wear glasses with a full-face respirator?

The frame of your glasses interferes with the seal of your mask so you should never wear them with a full face respirator. Contact lens are a better choice while using a full-face respirator as they won’t interfere with getting a good seal. If you experience any eye irritation, it’s important to flush your eyes with clean water as soon as possible, remove the contacts, and flush your eyes some more. MIRA Safety offers the MIRAVISION Spectacle kit for use with CM-6M and CM-7M full face respirators. This kit is customized with the prescription provided by your eye doctor.

How long does a typical filter last in a respirator?

There is no set time that a filter is good for. How long a filter lasts depends on how much it filters. In an environment with a high level of particulates, a filter will become clogged relatively quickly. It’s important to pay attention to how you feel. Letting filters get excessively clogged before changing them can reduce the oxygen you receive. This can be dangerous and cause you to pass out. When running any equipment, it’s especially important to change filters regularly. Oxygen sensors, like those used in medical offices, are inexpensive and can be used to check your oxygen level if in doubt. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people added these devices to their medical kits.

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