Top 10 Best Brands of Tactical Boots

Top 10 Best Brands of Tactical Boots

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Vietnam jungle boots were highly overproduced.

During the Vietnam War, factories in the USA produced so many boots that they could be found at shops for 50 years afterwards. Many modern jungle boots and hot weather boots are still based on this popular design.

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The first military boot was designed in 1816.

The Jefferson Boot strangely enough did not have a left and a right. Both boots were designed exactly the same way. Although that is not the case now, the Jefferson Boot’s style has been a strong influence on the design of all modern military styles.


What makes a tactical boot different from other boots?

Tactical boots are designed to handle the conditions that soldiers, police officers, and medical response teams face everyday. They must be lightweight and comfortable to wear for very long periods of time. Some are designed specifically for hot climates while others are designed to offer a lightweight boot that still keeps your feet warm and dry. A tactical boot should offer a long wearing life for the typical person.

Do you need to do anything special to break in a pair of tactical boots?

A lot of people just put on their boots and wear them without any special break in procedure. 5.11 Tactical has an excellent article on breaking in boots if you feel that you need to do something besides just put them on and go.

Are tactical boots comfortable for women?

Yes. In fact tactical boots come in a wide range of sizes and widths so it is easier to find a good fit in a tactical boot than many other shoes. Tactical boots designed for the military, such as those from Belleville, are made as small as a size 3 mens or 5 womens. Choosing a different width or adding insoles can offer even more comfort if the fit seems a little off to you. Remember that boots do stretch out over time so it may be good for them to feel just a little tight when you first put them on.

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