Door Breaching Kits and Methods

Door Breaching Kits and Methods

Truper 8 lb Sledge


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Is it legal to own door breaching tools?

Everything featured in this article, besides firearms, is just a tool so unless you do something illegal with them, you can't get into any trouble for owning them. Firearms and door breaching rounds may not be legal for you to own if you have certain criminal charges on your record. Remember that door breaching is something the average person should only consider in an emergency or TEOTWAWKI type situation.

How can I practice breaching doors?

It's hard for the average person to practice breaching a door. Basically, you would have to have access to some old doors in their frames. The military and law enforcement use special door setups for training in the art of door breaching, but they're far beyond the price range the average person is willing to pay. Some tactical schools offer classes in door breaching, but they're expensive and most only allow law enforcement or medical personnel, such as paramedics, to register.

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