Best Gun Cleaning Kits For Home and On The Go

Best Gun Cleaning Kits For Home and On The Go


Can you clean your gun too often?

No. At the same time using any cleaning accessories that are somewhat abrasive will add some minimal wear and tear. Using soft cleaning rags and patches, solvents, and oils often is perfectly ok. Many people clean their gun after every use, especially a long day at the range. This is a good thing to be in the habit of. Even if you just carry your gun everyday and do not fire it, wiping it down using a rag and a little oil can help prevent any rust issues and keep it free of debris.

How long can you wait after shooting your gun to clean it?

While you do not have to clean a firearm immediately after use, it is a good idea to at least do it the next day and never wait more than a week. It is easy to forget, especially if you do not shoot often. Many gun owners choose to clean as soon as possible to avoid having a dirty gun next time they go to the range.

Do I have to take my gun completely apart to clean it?

Many guns just need to be partially disassembled to thoroughly clean and some do not need taken apart at all. If you are in doubt as to what is required for your particular gun, a quick search on Youtube or Google will yield instructions on how to clean your gun.

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