DS-1 CBRN Decontamination Shower fully assembled, on white background
3/4 view of the decontamination shower with the water barrel and control box in view
side view of the decontamination shower with the water barrels, hoses, control box and battery in view
man in hazmat suit rolling down the decontamination shower&
View of a man wearing a hazmat suit standing inside of the decontamination shower. The shower&
A man in a hazmat suit being sprayed with a cleansing solution. A man from the outside of the shower is using a spray gun through a glove system.
A man wearing a hazmat suit inside of the decontamination shower is tightening the valve switches. The drainage mat can also be seen.
A man in a hazmat suit is exiting through the back end of the decontamination shower.
A soldier wearing a MOPP suit is guarding the decontamination shower with an AR-15 rifle.
A close up shot of the decontamination shower&
A 3/4 view of the decontamination shower&
A 3/4 view of the decontamination shower&
3/4 view of the decontamination shower&
Close 3/4 shot of the upper valve switch of the decontamination shower.
Close 3/4 shot of the lower valve switch of the decontamination shower.

MIRA Safety DS-1 Portable Decontamination Shower

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Trusted worldwide by multiple police and government agencies in the Czech Republic, Norway, Portugal, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Latvia and Lebanon

Full-face panoramic view for unobstructed situational awareness

Integrated hydration tube is compatible with CamelBaks and canteens for a safe and convenient drinking system

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The MIRA Safety DS-1 Portable Decontamination Shower is an industrial-grade solution for rapid on-site decontamination of persons wearing protective suits or for direct decontamination and cleansing of the body. This portable facility weighs less than 200 lbs in total and can be deployed for high-volume use in less than an hour. Once up and running, the system provides comprehensive on-site decontamination around the clock. The DS-1 offers better logistics than permanent decontamination facilities (which may be far from the worksite) and more rugged performance than most temporary decontamination showers.

Note: This is a highly specialized product with multiple large components. As such, it can only be shipped by pallet.  

Key Features of the MIRA Safety Portable DS-1 Decontamination Shower

  • Flexible and durable shower construction design, when properly connected to the pump, allows for rapid inflation within seconds
  • Inflates using a single valve, with a pressure safety valve to ensure safe operation
  • Integrated shower system with five fixed nozzles and one wall-mounted hand shower for full body decontamination at nearly every angle
  • Hand shower can also be operated from outside the unit using integrated sleeves to allow for assistance by a partner
  • WPS 5.2 pump delivers up to 19 l/min of concentrated cleaning solution for up to 20 continuous minutes
  • Excess liquid solution is continuously drained via a specially designed suction bucket at up to 9 l/min for easy waste management
  • Designed with a tented roof to prevent rainwater accumulation and a drainage basin to prevent accumulation of wastewater
  • Shower assembly weighs in at just 88lbs (40kg), decontamination system weighs 55lbs (25kg) for easy transportation
  • Compact when stored, the shower is a compact 3’ x 4’ x 1’ cube, decontamination system is a 2’ x 1’ x 2’ box
  • Decontamination control box uses 220V/24V/300W power supply for reliable, repeated usage
  • Comes with two 120-liter barrels for cleaning solution and wastewater, pre-routed for hoses and pump gear
  • Ultra-simple user interface features just 3 main switches to operate and maintain the system
  • Can operate in temperatures of up to 60° C with liquid temperatures of up to 60° C
  • Included repair kit and four patches to administer repair damages in the field
  • Five-year warranty for long term serviceability

Technical Specification

Rapid decontamination is absolutely crucial for anyone working around Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs), Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) or any other Chemical Biological, Radiological or Nuclear (CBRN) threat.

The MIRA Safety DS-1 Portable Decontamination Shower is an individual decontamination station your team can set up almost anywhere in under an hour. The DS-1 is a step above most decontamination showers, with a fully enclosed design that’s engineered to operate even in harsh environments and heavy weather.

The entire system comes pre-configured and it breaks down into a few small primary pieces (the inflatable shower, the decontamination box with built-in pumps, the barrels and the compressor). It weighs about as much as one person and can be transported by any means—the DS-1 could even fit inside a small car if absolutely necessary.

Inside the shower, five integrated nozzles provide full-body coverage, with a special hand shower for more intensive cleaning of specific areas. The hand shower can also be operated by a third party standing outside the shower thanks to the wide, clear windows that allow for maximum lighting and easy cleaning.

The Decontamination Box is an all-in-one lightweight steel unit that powers the system and connects the shower to the cleansing and wastewater barrels. The entire system is controlled by accessible switches, so it’s easy to operate and maintain even when wearing full PPE. The power supply can be connected to an inverter, generator or other portable power sources as needed.

The MIRA Safety DS-1 Portable Decontamination Shower is robust, lightweight, easy-to-use, and extremely flexible.

The system can be easily deployed by firefighters, police, civilians, and military personnel to provide on-demand decontamination and cleaning in various situations. It can be used to cleanse personal protective equipment (PPE) that may or may not have been exposed to CBRN threats as well as for personal hygiene.

While the MIRA Safety DS-1 Portable Decontamination Shower works as an effective standalone unit, it is designed to work in conjunction with our Basic Decontamination System for thorough two-step cleaning.

Technical Data

Decontamination Shower:

Dimensions inflated

Dimensions packed

Weight: 88.18 lbs

length: 78.74 in

length: 43.3 in

width: 78.74 in

width: 31.5 in

height: 96.45 in

height: 13.78 in

WPS 5.2 Pump


3/8“ BSP, ½“ hoses

Water Temperature:

maximum + 50 °C 

Maximum Suction Height:

3 M


185 W

Running Time:

maximum 20 min of continuous running 

Switch Pressure

3.7 bar

Cut-off Pressure

5 bar

Flow Capacity

19 l/min

WPS 2.4 Pump


3/8“ BSP, ½“ hoses

Water Temperature:

max. + 50 °C 

Maximum Suction Height:

2 M


87 W

Running Time:

maximum 20 min of continuous running

Flow Capacity:

9 l/min 

Decontamination Box weight:

64 lbs.

Decontamination Box dimensions: 

22.4 in x 16 in x 24 in (L x W x H)

Estimated Total Weight: 152 lbs.



Your MIRA Safety DS-1 Portable Decontamination Shower should be stored in a dark, cool, dust-free environment that is ventilated regularly and free from sudden temperature changes. Temperatures may vary between 41°F and 77°F (5°C and 25°C) with relative humidity up to 60%. The stored products should not be exposed to radiant heat or sunshine. Fuels, solvents, lubricants, and other inflammable substances must not be stored with MIRA Safety equipment.

Do not operate generators in enclosed spaces, as this can result in the accumulation of toxic exhaust fumes.