Urban Survival Gear SOL Survivor Kit – Adventure Medical Kits


    • Survive up to 72 Hours
    • With Survival Tools, First Aid, Hygiene, Nutrition & Literature
    • Lightweight & Compact
    • Be ready at a moments notice


    You expect the unexpected in the outdoors, but disasters can happen in the concrete jungle too – and when they do will you be prepared? With Urban Survival Gear from Survive Outdoors Longer,  you’ll have what you need to be ready to weather any kind of every day disaster, all wrapped up in one grab-and-go lifesaving backpack.


    Light and compact, the Urban Survival Gear bag comes jam-packed with everything you need to survive up to 72 hours in almost any conditions. Optimized for utility and organized for usability, this kit covers all your bases. It contains Survival Tools, First Aid and Hygiene supplies. The pack also provides food for your body – Nutrition – as well as your mind – Literature. No other one-stop shop will have you better prepared for anything life throws your way. The Urban Survival Gear backpack is compact, complete and customizable. This kit has been made specifically so that when the unexpected happens, you can expect to survive.


    Urban Survival Gear Benefits:

    • Survive 

    Utilize the waterproof Fire Lite Fire Starter to warm, light or cook, rain or shine. Keep warm with the Survive Outdoors Longer Emergency Blanket, or stay dry with the Emergency Rain Poncho.

    • Get Proactive 

    Grab attention with the Mini Rescue Flash Signal Mirror and let people know where you are or blow your Slim Rescue Howler whistle to be heard. With Duct Tape and Work Gloves, your Urban Survival Gear kit gives you room to adapt and adjust to changing conditions.

    • Learn

    Do more than just survive. Get the know-how to protect yourself and your family in the Guide to Natural Disasters. Use the power of knowledge to prepare yourself for the next time disaster strikes.

    Product Features:

    Carry Case

    1 – Survive Outdoors Longer™ Backpack

    Survival Tools

    1 – Emergency Rain Poncho

    1 – Headlamp, 2 watt LED w/ headband

    1 – Tinder-Quik™ Firestarter (4 pack)

    1 – Fire Lite™ Fire Starter

    1 – Survive Outdoors Longer™ Emergency Blanket, 56″ x 84″

    1 – Slim Rescue Howler™ Whistle

    1 – Duct Tape, 2″ x 26″

    1 – Pair of Work Gloves

    Survival Instructions

    1 – Adventure® Medical Kits Ultra Light Watertight .3 Medical Kit

    1 – Surgical Mask


    1 – Adventure® Bath Wipes

    1 – Toothbrush

    1 – Toothepaste, Tube


    4 – 400 Calorie Energy Food Bar

    10 – 4.44oz Water, US Coast Guard Approved


    1 – Wilderness & Travel Medicine: A comprehensive Guide – by Eric A Weiss, M.D.

    1 – Guide to Natural Disasters


    • Size: 12×11.5×6
    • Weight: 7.5
    • Group Size: 1 Person
    • Trip Duration: 1 – 3 Days

    Retail Ref: http://www.adventuremedicalkits.com/supplies/survive-outdoors-longer/sol-urban-survivor-kit.html

    Vendor Ref: http://www.moteng.com/AMK0140-1400-Urban-Survivor-Kit


    Additional information

    Weight7.5 lbs
    Dimensions12 x 11.5 x 6 in


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