Potomac Mask Emergency Escape Mask – Eldridge


    • Protects against Anthrax, Cyanide, Sarin, Smallpox, and the Ebola Virus
    • Packed for quick deployment
    • One size fit’s all
    • Easy air flow during stress and exertion

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    The Potomac Mask is a compact, lightweight and full-face emergency mask that was designed to keep you safe from harmful agents.

    Potomac Mask Emergency Escape Mask Specifications:

    • shields against air borne irritants
    • biological and chemical toxins are rejected
    • designed to meet international performance standards
    • weight:< 1/2 pound (220 grams)
    • dual activated carbon filters


    • no fit test required
    • lightweight folded dual-filter design mask comes sealed in a compact foil bag that fits in one hand
    • silicone, facial-conforming, instant-fit mask body provides excellent sealing
    • two large filters accommodate high-volume air flow, allowing for heavy exertion and stress during an emergency escape situation
    • precision one-way exhalation valve maintains easy exhaling
    • excellent speech transmission; telephones, cell phones and
    • microphones can be easily used
    • >no mouthpieces or nose clips that can hamper communication
    • no claustrophobic feeling like with many hooded masks
    • no dangerous, time-consuming caps to remove or filter canisters to screw into mask
    • >anti-fogging eye lenses of rigid polycarbonate also provide impact
    • one size fits most adults
    • protection against Ebola Virus
    • one size fits most adults – single use, time approximately 45 minutes

    Additional information

    Weight1 lbs
    Dimensions5 x 5 x 5 in


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