Head on, medium shot of the DTX-1 Food Detoxifier
3/4 shot, facing from the bottom up of the DTX-1 Food Detoxifier
3/4 shot of the side of the DTX-1 Food Detoxifier
3/4 shot of upper side of the DTX-1 Food Detoxifier
Close up shot of the bottom half of the DTX-1 Food Detoxifier, next to a bowl of fruits.
3/4 shot of the DTX-1 Food Detoxifier part way submerged in a tray of water with fruits and vegetables.

MIRA Safety DTX-1 Oxidizing Food Detoxifier Meat, Fruit and Vegetable Wash Machine

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Food production is increasingly reliant on pesticides and chemicals. As a result, the foods we eat today are more likely to carry harmful threats, such as toxins and carcinogens. Over the past 20 years, food contamination has increased tenfold. The MIRA Safety DTX-1 Oxidizing Food Detoxifier Meat, Fruit and Vegetable Wash Machine provides a unique and highly effective way to clean and detoxify your food.

Key Features of the MIRA Safety DTX-1 Food Detoxifier

  • Handheld detoxifier uses a combination of ultrasonic waves and rapid oxidation to release and dissolve toxins to cleanse both water and produce
  • User-friendly touchscreen display 
  • Plugs directly into 120V AC wall outlet 
  • Durable construction designed for maximum rapid cleansing
  • Multiple cleaning modes allow for separate detoxification of raw foods, thermal treatment, antiparasitic treatment, and detoxification of household items (keys, jewelry, etc.)
  • Special detox process uses ZERO chemicals, solvents, cleaning agents, or additives
  • Once activated, the unit uses a high-power ultrasonic generator to remove contaminants on the surface of foods or suspended in drinking water
  • The unit rapidly saturates the water with active oxygen molecules to completely penetrate the food product, oxidizing pesticides and other harmful compounds
  • Simple and easy process can be performed daily
  • Tested for effectiveness and approved by laboratories in Switzerland and the European Union
  • Built to last at least 5 years with regular use
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty from MIRA Safety

Technical Specifications

Approximately 40–50% of all the harmful substances that enter our body do so through food, and 20–40% do so through water.

From frequent supermarket recalls to E. coli outbreaks, food contamination has increased over 1,000% in the last 20 years. We’ve become accustomed to the idea of harmful substances making their way into our foods. And with a whole industry driven by factory farming, chemicals and pesticides on produce are something most Americans take for granted.

But not anymore.

The MIRA Safety DTX-1 Oxidizing Food Detoxifier Meat, Fruit and Vegetable Wash Machine is a simple handheld unit that uses electricity to release and oxidize toxins that might otherwise make it into your dinner. Here’s how it works … 

The DTX-1 features durable, low-profile construction with a top-mounted touchscreen. Once you immerse the unit’s fins in a container of water, you activate it by selecting options on the touchscreen. 

Then, the detoxer takes care of the rest—pulsing the container with ultrasonic waves and rapidly releasing active oxygen molecules to cleanse your produce from the inside out. The DTX-1 features multiple modes to specifically target various threats, from antiparasitic to thermal treatments and more. 

The detoxification process is all-natural and completely self-contained, with no soap or cleaning solution required. The only other thing you’ll need is electricity from a 120V AC wall outlet. Beyond the cost for electricity, the DTX-1 has zero operating and maintenance costs.

Since some biological threats can be transmitted through contact with surfaces, the DTX-1 offers effective protection  from unknown threats in addition to pesticides, carcinogens, and other common threats.

In other words, the MIRA Safety DTX-1 Food Detoxifier is the best thing to happen to your family’s kitchen since the air fryer.

It fits right in with all your appliances, and it’s easy enough to use that even your grandparents can use it to cleanse their haul from the market. It provides valuable disinfection and detoxification along with the peace of mind you need to enjoy another wonderful family dinner.

NOTE: Manufacturer claims certified by laboratories in Switzerland and the European Union. The DTX-1 has not been tested against specific threats, and the manufacturer makes no claims in this regard. Immediately and safely discard any food you believe to have been exposed to contaminants.


Technical Data

Screen color LCD 2.4 inches
Screen sensor type: capacitive touch panel (like in modern phones)
Lab-certified effectiveness of pesticide disposal 97.60%
Lab-certified effectiveness of hard metals disposal 99.90%
Lab-certified effectiveness of mold disposal 96.30%
Maximum capacity of the container for processing 3 liters
Battery life per charge up to 6 weeks in standby mode or 20 standard processing cycles
Power supply voltage 5V
Battery capacity 3600 mAh
Power interface USB Type C
Dimensions of the device 100x100x290mm
Weight 640g
Case material hypoallergenic plastic


Transportation and storage temperatures should be from -76°F to 113°F ( -60°C to 45°C), with relative humidity of up to 95%, and the packaging should be protected from direct sunlight and moisture. Store the MIRA Safety DTX-1 Food Detoxifier as you would any other electrical kitchen appliance, in a cool dry place with the power cord safely stowed away. Ensure that none of the fins will be obstructed or bent and that the touchscreen will not be punctured or damaged during storage. 


What types of food can I clean with the MIRA Safety DTX-1 Food Detoxifier?

The DTX-1 works best with foods including vegetables, fruits, berries, greens, mushrooms, meats, fish, seafood, and groats.

What else can I clean with the MIRA Safety DTX-1 Food Detoxifier?

The DTX-1 works like an ultrasonic cleaner, so it’s perfect for detoxifying your keys, jewelry, watches, bracelets, and other personal items that may have been exposed to potential threats.

Is the MIRA Safety DTX-1 Food Detoxifier Waterproof?

The fins of the DTX-1 are designed to be submerged in water, but the water level should remain below the “max fill” line on the device. The lower portion of the unit is removable for easy cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher.