MIRA Safety CBRN Butyl Gloves
MIRA Safety CBRN Butyl Gloves
MIRA Safety CBRN Butyl Gloves

MIRA Safety CBRN Butyl Gloves

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Trusted worldwide by multiple police and government agencies in the Czech Republic, Norway, Portugal, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Latvia and Lebanon

Full-face panoramic view for unobstructed situational awareness

Integrated hydration tube is compatible with CamelBaks and canteens for a safe and convenient drinking system

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Our Protective CBRN Gloves are made from butyl rubber and designed to maximize mobility while protecting the user from exposure to chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. Engineered to meet the same strict standards as hazmat gloves used by military and police all over the world, they provide a proven standard of protection from a wide range of CBRN threats.

Butyl Glove Key Features:

  • Protective butyl rubber gloves produced according to NATO AEP-38 standard
  • Superior resistance against hazardous chemical splashes and exposure
  • Provides >24 hours of protection against vapor threats
  • Available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Features cotton inner liner for easier grip and better handling
  • Bellows in finger and wrist area improve mobility

Butyl Glove Size Guide:



A (mm)

B (mm)











IMPORTANT NOTE: Small gloves are currently out of stock. 

Technical Specifications for Protective CBRN Gloves

Our butyl rubber protective CBRN gloves are engineered to provide standardized protection from common CBRN threats at an affordable price. 

These CBRN gloves are produced by a third-party manufacturer and designed to meet NATO standard AEP-38 for protective equipment. These same gloves are currently in use and trusted by military and police professionals all over the globe. 

Good butyl gloves are absolutely crucial for any CBRN PPE kit, as they provide you with the flexibility and range of movement you’ll need to navigate dangerous situations—without exposing your hands to airborne threats.

NOTE: These protective CBRN gloves feature the same butyl rubber construction as our MIRA Safety HAZ-GLOVES. Both also feature cotton inner liners to absorb sweat and maximize easy handling. The primary difference is that our HAZ-GLOVES are substantially (129%) thicker, as they are designed for extended use. These gloves are thinner but offer better dexterity.

Butyl Gloves Storage

MIRA Safety Protective CBRN Gloves (like all butyl rubber gloves) should be stored in their original packaging in a dark room at a temperature between 41°F and 77°F with a relative humidity of less than 75%. In these conditions, these gloves can be stored for 10 years or longer. These gloves are 100% butyl rubber and should be handled as such, so inspect for cracking especially in flexion spots after use.