Military Grade Gas Mask SGE 400/3 – Mestel


    • Three filter connections
    • Fits standard 40mm NATO filters
    • Ballistic and chemical aggressive treated face shield
    • Silicone face seal (excellent for long period use; tested for 6 days without removing)
    • The SGE 400/3 military gas mask has all the bells and whistles.
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    The Mestel 400/3 Military Grade Gas mask is almost the same as its little brother, it’s extremely comfortable and used for law enforcement, military and civilian applications. It can be placed in your bug out bag for emergency purposes, used daily for work including painting, law enforcement, security details, etc – or kept in your car just in case you find yourself in a toxic environment.

    The threads are standard 40mm NATO so you can either use a Mestel filter or any other filter that has the same thread size. The best thing about this military grade gas mask is the tight seal and clear viability. If you are used to the cheap Israeli civilian gas masks offered on eBay and “survival” shops, this will be a night and day difference.

    Here is a comparison sheet showing the entire Mestel Gas Mask product lineup:

    NOTE: This listing is only for the gas mask. No filter is included. For filters, please check our other listings.

    Military Grade Gas Mask Comparison

    SGE 150SGE 400SGE 400/3SGE 400/3 BB
    Filter ports1 (front)1 (front)3 (side & front)3 (side &; front)
    Face silicone sealButyl rubberSiliconeSiliconeButyl rubber
    Face shield coatingNoYesYesYes
    Additional bottom portNoAvailableAvailableAvailable
    Drinking device optionNoYesYesYes
    Microphone connectionNoNoAvailable with side port substitutionAvailable with side port substitution
    Lenses supportAvailable as accessAvailable as accessAvailable as accessAvailable as access
    Integrated hoodAvailableAvailable SGE 400/CAvailableAvailable
    Speaking diaphragmAvailable on requestAvailable on requestAvailable on requestAvailable on request
    Mustard gas resistanceNoFace Shield OnlyFace Shield OnlyYes

    Additional information

    Weight2 lbs
    Dimensions6 x 6 x 6 in

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