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Personalized Preparedness


  • Lowers your evacuation time from 90 minutes -  to 90 seconds
  • Personalized to fit your family like a glove
  • Built by first responders and  military personnel using reliable, field tested  equipment
  • Save hundreds off retail prices by buying as a package
  • Easy revision process to exclude things you  already  own
  • Proudly assembled in Austin, Texas

Only pay a refundable $20 Consultation Deposit. If it doesn't fit like a glove, it won't cost you a penny. 


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“I live in a state with a non-zero probability of a major earthquake. Our state & municipal governments have repeatedly said to be prepared for three days… If something happens, this will be the one item I take.”

- Ken Garcia
Bellingham, WA

Your Personalized Survival Package

Safeguards Your Family

In The Most Challenging And Dangerous Situations Imaginable

  • Security in a kit: Each kit is fully personalized for the scenarios you’re most likely to  face from natural disasters to marshal law.
  • Premium assurance: No cheap crap. Protect your family with the toughest brands like 5.11, Blackhawk, Gerber…equipment that won’t break when it counts.
  • Location specific: You've gotta be ready anytime anyplace. So we tailor kits for your home, car, office, or anywhere else your family may go.
  • Simple to use: No experience necessary. Anyone can guard themselves even in the most stressful times and under the most difficult circumstances with the right kit. 
  • Ready to Go: Each kit is ready to move when you are. No assembly at all! When things go down you won’t spend precious time gathering supplies.
  • Lowest price:  We seriously care about you and we’d love to earn your business. That’s why we promise the most affordable defense anywhere.
  • Nationally known: Trusted by 1,000’s of families & savvy individuals. Our customized survival kits keep people ready all over the world.

Read Other People’s Survival Stories Below


“I am a very satisfied customer of Ready to Go Survival. I purchased gear for me, my wife, my small children, my parents and my dogs. Fabian and Roman were models of professionalism and spent time with me designing the appropriate package for my family. They explained all of my options and asked me many questions to help make sure I purchased what was best for me.

There was never any pressure to buy more, only that their customers were satisfied. Their products are high quality and intelligently designed.

Fabian and Roman were available for follow­up questions as well. For anyone who wants to get survival gear and have that peace of mind, I would highly recommend contacting Ready to Go Survival and have them serve your survival needs.“

- Alex Mayfield
Long Island, NY


"After hurricane Sandy and the ordeal of losing power, my husband and I decided to get proactive and prepare the family. We live in an apartment with limited space so Fabian recommended we get a storage unit nearby to store our supplies. After asking us a series of questions, his team created a package for my family with enough food for 6 months and a few portable survival kits just in case we need to evacuate. He really took the time to understand my concerns and craft a package that would help us in case something happened. Thank you from the whole Hartley family!"

- Jennifer Hartley
New York, NY



"Love the bag, so many goodies in it. I love the spax tool, it is wicked. I am excited to own it and am looking forward to putting into use if the unthinkable should happen."

- ­ Rick Helms
Warrensburg, IL

Would You Trust A Parachute Your Friend Made With A YouTube Guide?

Hell no!   When it comes to life and death you need professionals. You need:

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So here’s a bit about our team to put your mind at ease:


Roman Zrazhevskiy (Cofounder) - A former EMT and lifelong outdoorsman with a B.S. in Healthcare Management. Roman started his career in technology prior to starting RTGS and played a significant role in the 2012 Ron Paul Presidential Campaign.

Co-Founder and CTO of Ready To Go Survival

Fabian Illanes (Cofounder) - A Red Cross Disaster Responder with an Engineering degree and certified in Disaster Preparedness. Fabian has applied his technical know-how to the world of survival planning to help create unique bug out packages for each and every client.


David Yellin - A die-hard prepper since 2010, David is a former EMT attached to a Fire-Medic unit and currently serving as a law enforcement officer in San Diego. His survival instincts kicked in when he realized how slow first responders are, and how important fast action is for those who want to live.

In short...you’re in good hands and never have to worry about long response times again!

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Our preparedness experts select equipment customized to your spending preferences.


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The consultation fee is applied towards your order. If you don't end up ordering, the consultation fee is refunded and you keep the assessment as our gift to you.


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5-30% off on retail prices when you buy a complete kit.


Popular Brands & Exclusive Items

We've partnered with brands that you know and love, as well as develop items exclusive to Ready To Go Survival.

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How much does it cost?

We charge a $20 deposit up front which gets applied towards your final order. In exchange, one of our preparedness specialists assesses your your survey results and crafts a checklist thats optimized for your group size, location, physical ability, and the events you're most concerned about.

If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with the experience, we will refund that 20$...no questions asked. You can also keep our personalized checklist as a free gift.

Your survival package will be priced for your budget. A standard EDC kit starts at around $150,  and 72 hour kits start at $450. The price goes down significantly for each additional kit because we take out some overlapping items that aren't needed for each and every group member.

Kids kits start at $100, and dog/cat kits start at $55.

If you choose our Level 2 kits (the best of the best), single survival kits start at 1K, with additional kits at $400.

We also offer a price match guarantee. If you can build the kit we set you up with for less...we'll send you a partial refund. Email us for more information.

You can purchase everything up front, or use our 6-month financing option at 0% APR.

We also take Bitcoin 🙂

How long does the entire process take from start to finish?

Once you submit the survey, your assigned preparedness specialist will have your personalized checklist available within 24 hours.

At that point, we offer a consultation via phone or email to go through the options and put some finishing touches to ensure your kits are well balanced.

Once we finalize, it takes about 2 weeks to built and ship them to your door.

From the time you fill out the survey to getting your survival package to your door takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks.

What if I want to hunker down in case of emergency?

Our preparedness experts can accommodate any situation. We have experience in supplying apartments, storage units, houses, offices, cabins, garages, and bunkers - making sure they are ready for anything.

Do you offer any training courses?

We have partnerships with first aid, survival, and self-defense training facilities all over the country. If you're interested in getting hands on and build the skillset necessary to thrive in any scenario, we'll get you set up from start to finish.

I have a disability and can't carry much weight. Do you have a kit that would work for me?

Absolutely. We have specialty kits that come on rollers for people with disabilities or mobility issues.

I have pets and children. Do you have kits for them?

We have several kits for children depending on how much they weigh and their age. They are very lightweight, come with laminated emergency contact cards, and have all the functional elements necessary to get through the toughest of times.

Along with that, we send you a detailed checklist of comfort items to ensure your children stay as calm as possible during an emergency.

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