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    The next big development in prepping will be the arrival of entrepreneurial capitalists, and this made me think of Fabian Illanes and Roman Zrazhevskiy, two men in their 20s I met at the show-and-tell. Former classmates at George H. Hewlett High School on Long Island, Mr. Illanes and Mr. Zrazhevskiy have been prepping since their teens and recently created, a Prepper Web site that sells prepacked bug-out bags with paramilitary names like the Tactical Traveler ($439.99) and the Covert Defender ($629.99)

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    And people are listening. In the past week, preppers-turned-entrepreneurs Fabian Illanes and Roman Zrazhevskiy say they have seen sales of gas masks and their harrowing-sounding NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) survival systems skyrocket. “Tripled is probably an understatement,” Illanes says. Their company, Ready to Go Survival, sells prepacked survival, or “bug out,” bags and kits. As fears of Ebola grow, they’ve been filling $1,000 orders of gas masks for whole families.

    Illanes, who recently moved to Texas from New York, says he imagines a time when Manhattan might shut down all access into and out of the city. “If I’m in a car with my family and each of us has gloves, masks, and bodysuits, and there’s a regular family in a car next to us—who do you think the people controlling borders are going to feel more comfortable letting through?” he asks.

    In response to the calls they’ve been receiving, they’re putting together a “pandemic kit” that will provide quick full-body protection and will go on sale late next week.

    “It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it,” Zrazhevskiy asserts.

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    Fabian Illanes, and his high school camping buddy, Roman Zrazhevskiy, founded They’ve sold a thousand of their survival kit’s which include first aid supplies, ready to eat meals, and clean water. Their goal, they say, is to have one in every home.

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    For prepper Roman Zrazhevskiy, motivation for self-reliance starts with realizing “the government system is not too big to fail, and people must be their own first responders in the event that it does.”

    Zrazhevskiy and his former Long Island classmate, Fabian Illanes, founded Ready to Go Survival—a website selling comprehensive, ready-to-use emergency survival systems. The two men, both in their 20s, test all their products in close consultation with EMTs, law enforcement officers and other preparedness experts.

    Their survival systems include gas masks, emergency radios, and cell phone chargers. Prepping is not about surviving a zombie apocalypse, Zrazhevskiy said, nor is it merely concerned with stockpiling to survive a one-time disaster: “Prepping is not about hoarding a bunch of canned food … it’s a lifestyle of self-sustaining.

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    Ready To Go Survival says there has been a major uptick in sales in their survival packs, which include a gas mask, duct tape, matches, ammonia inhalants, water purification tablets and ready-to-eat meals in prices ranging from about $210 up to $700.

    There are also retail outlets such as Ready To Go Survival, which offers “practical, comprehensive, fully functional and ready to use emergency survival systems.”  Roman Zrazhevskiy, who runs Ready To Go Survival, concedes the Ebola threat pales in comparison to the number of people who die from influenza ever year.