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    Survival Planning—Creating the Perfect Bug Out Emergency Plan

    By Roman Zrazhevskiy | March 20, 2017
    woman writing a survival plan in a notebook

    We would all love to stay in our home, hunker down, and tough out any SHTF situation. However, this isn’t going to be possible in every situation, especially if you live in an urban center. This is why so many preppers have been survival planning, getting prepared to get out of Dodge if the going […]


    SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 5 (Mar 17th, 2017)

    By Roman Zrazhevskiy | March 16, 2017
    Black and white shot of a nuclear blast going off near a beach

    On this episode of SHTF News, US officials release hundreds of declassified videos showing the destructive horrors of nuclear weapons, protests rage worldwide, and your home TV may be spying on you. Here’s a breakdown of this week’s SHTF News video: 00:00 – Nuclear weapons test film is declassified 01:01 – German top diplomat warns about new […]


    Bug Out Location—Your Escape when the SHTF

    By Fabian Illanes | March 6, 2017
    Man standing in front of his bug out location while watching the sun set

    Many preppers agree that being in an urban area when society goes south is not ideal. For those who have the desire and resources to secure a bug out location, there are a lot of things to consider. After all, the reason to have a bug out location is to get away from the chaos […]


    SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 4 (Mar 2nd, 2017)

    By RTGS Staff | March 2, 2017
    F3 tornado heading over small town in Texas

    On this episode of SHTF News, tornado’s ravage the Midwest, thousands are stricken with famine in Africa, and Boston Dynamics releases a Terminator. Here’s a breakdown of this week’s SHTF News video: 00:00 – Deadly storms plow through the Midwest 01:35 – Chile mudslides cut off water for millions 02:44 – Rescue workers evacuate scores of people […]


    7 Ways to Prepare for a Water Crisis

    By RTGS Staff | February 16, 2017
    Water flowing from a rusty faucet during a water crisis

    There are plenty of things to plan and prepare for when it comes to emergencies big and small: food, shelter, communications, evacuation routes and so on. But the most important thing, by far, is a water. Why? Because you can survive up to 3 weeks without food but only up to 3 days without water… And […]


    Seeking a Kit for TEOTWAWKI Podcast – The Pale Blue Dot Podcast

    By RTGS Staff | February 7, 2017
    Our Founder and Chief Technologist, Fabian Illanes joins Ben Jackson on Episode 9 of the Pale Blue Dot Podcast.  The setting is at Fabian's home on a casual afternoon in Austin TX.  They discuss business, personal interests and the events that lead to the birth of Ready To Go Survival.  In the picture you see [...] READ MORE

    SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 3 (Feb 1st, 2017)

    By RTGS Staff | February 1, 2017
    human-pig chimera closeup

    The transition of power didn’t go as smoothly as we hoped. As President Trump takes office, protests and riots break out nationwide, leading to widespread clashes with police. In other news, scientists made a breakthrough discovery by creating the first human-pig embryo. Here’s a breakdown of this week’s Extreme Global Events video: 00:00 – Violence flares in […]


    The Bug out Vehicle – How to Turn Any Car into the Perfect Survival Machine

    By Fabian Illanes | January 21, 2017
    Bug out vehicle Land Rover parked near a lake with water sporting equipment next to kayaks

    If you have made plans to bug out should disaster strike or a society-changing event happen, then you are one step ahead of many preppers. Ideally, you have your bug out location chosen, stocked, and ready to go at a moment’s notice. At this point, there’s only one question remaining. How are you gonna get […]


    SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 2 (Jan 20th, 2017)

    By RTGS Staff | January 20, 2017
    Cat in Italy, standing amongst the ruins after a devastating earthquake

    Today marks an important event in our history. Donald Trump takes the oath of office to become the 45th president of the United States. Regardless of your difference of opinion on America’s political climate, we should all find comfort in knowing that both sides of the isle are preparing for something! 🙂 Which is why […]


    The Get Home Bag—Everyday Carry Items You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

    By Roman Zrazhevskiy | January 4, 2017
    Man in New York City wearing a Get Home Bag

      The bug out bag might be one of the most talked about bags in the prepper community, but the get home bag just might be the bag you are most likely to use in a crisis situation. The get home bag is precisely what its name implies, a bag that is filled with the […]


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