7 Ninja Like DIY Home Security Tricks to Protect from Unwanted Guests

    By Roman Zrazhevskiy | June 12, 2017
    DIY home security system showcasing a reinforced fence

    It was a warm summer evening in Brooklyn, NY,  and I was out with my finance friends talking about the future of BitCoin (right after the first bust). When I got home, I proceeded to open the door and realized something strange. It appeared that my door was barricaded shut. I went around the back […]

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    SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 8 (June 22nd, 2017)

    By RTGS Staff | June 22, 2017
    Russia threatens US fighter jets in retaliation for downed Syrian jet

    This week on SHTF News, Russia sends a grave warning to the U.S, threatening to shoot down American fighter jets in retaliation for downed Syrian jet. Wildfires and torrential rainfall sweep through several countries, collapsing building and causing thousands to evacuate. Here’s a breakdown of this week’s SHTF News video: 00:00 – Russia sends warning […]


    SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 7 (June 8th, 2017)

    By RTGS Staff | June 8, 2017
    President Putin sits down with Megyn Kelly for a candid interview

    On this episode of SHTF News, NOAA and FEMA warn Americans to prepare for a tough hurricane season. Terror strikes sweep through Europe and the Middle East, and President Putin opens up about his thoughts on American media. Here’s a breakdown of this week’s SHTF News video: 00:00 – NOAA, FEMA prepare for tough hurricane […]


    Nuclear Attack – Survival Is a Possibility If You’re Prepared

    By Roman Zrazhevskiy | May 24, 2017
    Gas mask ready for nuclear attack with a reflection of a mushroom cloud

      One of the biggest concerns for preppers is the threat of nuclear attack. And rightly so in this day and age. We have nuclear power plants spread all around the world and disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima have not changed our use of nuclear power. We also live in a very unstable economic and […]


    SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 6 (April 14th, 2017)

    By RTGS Staff | April 14, 2017

    On this episode of SHTF News, world superpowers react to the chemical attack in Syria.  Meanwhile, North Korea is shaking it’s stick, claiming any provocation would lead to “devastating consequences.” Here’s a breakdown of this week’s SHTF News video: 00:00 – Haley US is ‘prepared to do more’ about Syria 01:46 – Putin “Syria chemical […]


    Survival Mindset – Physical and Mental Preparedness for TEOTWAWKI

    By Fabian Illanes | April 3, 2017
    Soldiers with a survival mindset rushing a white sand beach

    “We should remember that good fortune often happens when opportunity meets with preparation.” Thomas Edison “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin Neither of these great American men could have predicted the kind of threats we face today. But these ideals remind us not to rely on good luck to save […]


    Survival Planning—Creating the Perfect Bug Out Emergency Plan

    By Roman Zrazhevskiy | March 20, 2017
    woman writing a survival plan in a notebook

    We would all love to stay in our home, hunker down, and tough out any SHTF situation. However, this isn’t going to be possible in every situation, especially if you live in an urban center. This is why so many preppers have been survival planning, getting prepared to get out of Dodge if the going […]


    SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 5 (Mar 17th, 2017)

    By Roman Zrazhevskiy | March 16, 2017
    Black and white shot of a nuclear blast going off near a beach

    On this episode of SHTF News, US officials release hundreds of declassified videos showing the destructive horrors of nuclear weapons, protests rage worldwide, and your home TV may be spying on you. Here’s a breakdown of this week’s SHTF News video: 00:00 – Nuclear weapons test film is declassified 01:01 – German top diplomat warns about new […]


    Bug Out Location—Your Escape when the SHTF

    By Fabian Illanes | March 6, 2017
    Man standing in front of his bug out location while watching the sun set

    Many preppers agree that being in an urban area when society goes south is not ideal. For those who have the desire and resources to secure a bug out location, there are a lot of things to consider. After all, the reason to have a bug out location is to get away from the chaos […]


    SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 4 (Mar 2nd, 2017)

    By RTGS Staff | March 2, 2017
    F3 tornado heading over small town in Texas

    On this episode of SHTF News, tornado’s ravage the Midwest, thousands are stricken with famine in Africa, and Boston Dynamics releases a Terminator. Here’s a breakdown of this week’s SHTF News video: 00:00 – Deadly storms plow through the Midwest 01:35 – Chile mudslides cut off water for millions 02:44 – Rescue workers evacuate scores of people […]


    7 Ways to Prepare for a Water Crisis

    By RTGS Staff | February 16, 2017
    Water flowing from a rusty faucet during a water crisis

    There are plenty of things to plan and prepare for when it comes to emergencies big and small: food, shelter, communications, evacuation routes and so on. But the most important thing, by far, is a water. Why? Because you can survive up to 3 weeks without food but only up to 3 days without water… And […]


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